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The Mindful Couple:

A Journey to Real Love & Wholeness


We know instinctively that we were created to be in relationship, and yet so many relationships fail or continue, but in an unsatisfying, passionless way. How can we protect our relationship from becoming another statistic? What can we do to keep our love energized? This day-long retreat is for both new and long-term couples who want to protect and strengthen their bond. It reaffirms what we all suspect: every relationship, when you add intentionality and mindfulness, has the potential to be a transformative journey towards wholeness. During this workshop, you and your partner will:
  • Learn the 5 hindrances of mindful couplehood and ways to eliminate these blocks
  • Integrate mindfulness practices to improve your relationship, including gentle yoga postures (no prior yoga experience necessary)
  • Deepen your capacity to be fully present and connected with your partner, through guided visualizations and active dialogue exercises
  • Gain specific tools to effectively deal with relationship frustrations
  • Rediscover and redefine your relationship vision



Early Bird Special: $299 per couple, including vegetarian lunch (expires May 17th)

$349 per couple (after May 17th)

Join us for this one-day retreat and experience the spiritual purpose of relationship. Space is limited. Register by contacting Nicole here or call 858-442-5548.

About your facilitators:

Nicole KahnNicole Kahn, M.A., Ed.M., is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Her 15-year yoga and meditation practice has been the foundation on which her livelihood has been built. Nicole guides clients towards awakening their own inner balance and believes that couplehood offers the greatest potential for one’s own spiritual growth and healing. For more about Nicole, click here.


Craig Lambert, LCSW, has been a marriage counselor, yoga student and instructor and mindfulness practitioner for over 30 years. He balances his early work with renowned relationship authors Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt with insights from teachers like Ram Das, BKS Iyengar and more. Craig believes we are here to grow and connect through the miracle of human love. For more about Craig, visit

Couplehood As a Spiritual Path:

The Imago Journey for Jewish Couples

Couplehood As a Spritual Path is an educational program for Jewish couples based on Imago Relationship Therapy, a theory of couplehood first presented in the best-selling book, Getting The Love You Want: A Guide For Couples. This six-session educational program takes a look at the psychological and spiritual workings of intimate relationships and is open to all committed couples. In Couplehood As a Spiritual Path participants will explore the truth about love and conflict and uncover how couplehood is one of God’s instruments for healing people and transforming the world. Workshop leaders, Nicole Kahn, LMFT and Craig Lambert, LCSW, are seasoned therapists who combine their clinical skills and spiritual practices to help create conscious relationships. Here is what a recent participant had to say about this workshop: “Craig and Nicole were very open, honest, and professional. Their guidance, knowledge, and experience have shown and given (me and my partner) a foundation to a healthy, happy, present, past and future relationship and life.” Below is an outline of this workshop:

Session 1 : Charting The Path

• Learn about Imago Relationship Theory • Explore the connection between God and love and how God makes our relationships sacred • Co-create a relationship vision • Learn the first step of Imago Dialoguing

Session 2: Preparing For The Journey

• Revisit relationship vision and process as group • Understand purpose of entire Imago Dialogue – a new way to talk and listen • Learn entire dialogue, practice and process in dyads

Session 3: Joining Hands on the Way

• Revisit dialogue and process as group • Learn and practice partner appreciations • Explore romantic love and conflict in relationships • Understand your typical response to conflict and better clarify sources of conflict as well as resources for spiritual growth and healing • Learn how childhood impacts our intimate relationships and why we have chosen our particular partners

Session 4: Cherishing Each Other as We Travel

• Revisit Imago Profile and process as group • Ending negativity in your relationship • Learn the Caring Behaviors Dialogue • Identify specific ways you and your partner feel most loved and cared for • Discuss and experience High-Energy Fun in your relationship

Session 5: Gifting The Relationship on the Journey

• Revisit caring behaviors/high-energy fun in relationship and process as group • Discuss change and its transformative power in your relationship • Discover opportunities for growth • Learn how to ask for and receive specific changes from your partner

Session 6: Approaching The Destination

• Reflecting on our journey thus far • Showering each other with blessings • Reaffirming our partnership and learning how to ask for God’s assistance throughout all time • Follow-up resources to help maintain your relationship growth and healing • Create a relationship plan to keep your relationship top priority • Guided meditation to deepen our devotion and strengthen our commitment to change

Next Series scheduled for Fall 2014
Fore more information, contact Nicole at (858) 442-5548 or email here

San Diego therapist Nicole Kahn provides counseling and therapy to individuals, adults, teens, couples and families. She treats issues including depression, anxiety, grief, loss, healing trauma, addiction recovery, eliminating overeating, weight management, stress management, life transitions, personal growth, self-esteem, relationships, premarital counseling, improving communication and chronic pain. Nicole serves the greater San Diego area including La Jolla, University City, Clairemont, Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, UTC, Sorrento Valley, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, and Point Loma.