Below are a few questions to spark insight into this past year. This insight will help you better understand what you might need to do differently so that you can manifest a 2013 that is aligned with your intentions. I encourage you to follow ALL the steps, especially the last one. 2012 1. What went well this year? Be descriptive. In what areas did you excel? When did you take risks that got you positive outcomes? 2. What did not go well... Read More

The following article captures the essence of tomorrow’s winter solstice and the changes many of us may have been feeling lately. “Ascension of the Consciousness of Mankind”, by Peter Shepherd We are on the crest of great times, perhaps the greatest period in our history is nearly upon us. Ascension, at this time in human history, means moving from a very material, survival-oriented struggle through life, to a new and expanded consciousness where the world will appear as different as... Read More

“What if religion was each other?If our practice was our life?If prayer was our words?What if the temple was the Earth?If forests were our church?If holy water–the rivers, lakes, and oceans?What if meditation was our relationships?If the Teacher was life?If wisdom was self-knowledge?If love was the center of our being.” – Ganga White Read More

Intimate relationships create the conditions necessary to heal our deep wounding. Because our closest relationships often elicit intense feelings, it can feel justifiable to respond to our partner from a rageful place. Since our most painful memories are usually stored in our implicit memory (the part of our memory that is expressed through performance, rather than conscious recall), we often react to our partner with an intensity as palpable (and unconscious) as survival energy. Conflict in relationship is not only... Read More

While shopping for a new home can be exciting, it can also be stressful, disappointing and scary. In my own recent home search, I have experienced the latter emotions to the nth degree. Between trying to finding the “right” home or waiting for a response from a seller of a home that I desire, I am constantly struck by the strong emotions that seem to disproportionately accompany the idea of finding my home.While this experience has been difficult, it has more so gifted me two key... Read More