Maddie is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselors who graduated from University of San Diego’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. With her clients, Maddie pulls from several therapeutic approaches including Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Resiliency Model, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Attachment Theory. Both personally and professionally, Maddie operates under the belief that through the development of trusting, meaningful relationships to self and others, humans have the power to transform their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and emerge as their most authentic self. She uses a trauma-sensitive and culturally humble approach that emphasizes the mind-body-spirit connection in the pursuit of healing.

Maddie holds space for individuals, couples, and families and specializes with clients impacted by trauma and addiction. Working from a foundation of neurobiology of trauma, Maddie leads with non-judgemental awareness and a lens of curiosity in each session, approaching symptoms as a source of information. She is committed to cultivating a compassionate space to show up with you on your healing journey, whatever stage you may be at. She invites you to take up space, slow down, and notice how your body and spirit may be communicating you in each moment. Maddie is honored to walk this path with you, as she believes it is not one we are meant to walk alone.

Madeline is currently living the the Joshua Tree area and is offering virtual sessions only.