Mindful Guides E-Course

Mindful Guides® E-Course a self-paced 6-step process that builds your capacity to stay sane and connected even when you are fuming or feel like giving up. Using modern psychology, the latest findings in brain and nervous system research and the wise practices of the East, Mindful Guides® E-Course will positively transform how you experience and show up in life. You will learn to be guided with curiosity, rather than directed by anger.

  • Are you tired of feeling tired, stuck, anxious, frustrated, disconnected or numb?
  • Do you keep finding yourself dealing with the same problems over and over again?
  • Do you show up for others–at home, at work, with friends–but don’t know how to show up for yourself?
  • Do you feel disappointed with yourself and the relationships in your life?

If you hear a resounding YES, then you’ve come to the right place.

This online learning program is perfect for you if you’re feeling unsure about, or don’t have the time or funds, to engage in one-on-one therapy.

This program does NOT replace face-to-face therapy, but does provide many of the tools clients have learned and integrated from therapy with Mindful Guides founder, Nicole Kahn.

Learn to transform trials into triumphs and move forward in life with confidence, clarity and ease.

Watch this 2 minute video to learn about our vision to help you awaken your full transformation

This course is a journey of Awakening Your Transformation that will guide you to:

  • Mindfully respond, rather than mindlessly react, to difficult and daily challenges
  • Learn simple, easy-to-implementtools to increase your insight, improve nervous system function and integrate daily mindfulness
  • Awaken your inner wisdom to successfully handle personal challenges
  • Feel more empowered, connected and peaceful

Don’t delay! Start your Journey of Awakened Transformation with me today!

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