Finding Peace During COVID-19 Chaos

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What a frightening and uncertain time we are in as the world unites against COVID-19.

The way I see it, all crisis is an opportunity for growth and healing. The bigger the crisis, the bigger the opportunity for our collective evolution towards repair and healthy expansion.

I have been using this time to practice present-moment awareness and to explore what the deeper meaning may be amidst all of this chaos, both collectively and personally. I’d like to share my practices and perspectives in the hope that it may provide you with some comfort and ease as we navigate this uncertainty and change together.

1. In moments when I feel my own anxiety rise in reaction to the uncertainty in the world, I take a deep breath, feel my feet on the ground and repeat the mantra, “just for today, take it one day at a time.” This simple practice brings me back to the present and reconnects me to a sense of safety and groundedness. It reminds me that I have no control on the outer circumstances, but can practice coming back to myself, my breath and this moment. When I do this, my anxiety abates and I am brought back to the perfection of the moment. It is the ultimate practice in letting go and surrender.

2. Once back in the present, I orient to my surroundings and identify that which I feel grateful for. For me this includes my loved ones, my safe home and beautiful garden, even the forced distancing from everyday life – this distancing is allowing me to slow down and take the time for deeper meditation and prayer practice. It is supporting further introspection and connection with my myself, my family, the divine.

3. In all crisis, I ask myself, “What is the lesson that the universe is trying to teach me in this? What is the silver lining?” Even amidst the suffering, confusion and panic there is some serious alchemy happening in the world. I believe it is my responsibility to open to that.

So many positive things are happening – for the first time in years, dolphins have been spotted in Italy’s canals and China is enjoying blue skies and clean air. As I write this, my garden is blooming in ways it never has. Nature is reclaiming its health and rejuvenating this Earth we inhabit.

We get to spend more time at home, with ourselves and refocus our priorities and life goals. We are being forced to live more simply and enjoy the innocence and gift of the present moment.

People are coming together, across the globe, in ways never seen before. We have the opportunity to truly become ONE – a global family that recognizes the humanity, equality and interdependence of all things.

4. I am practicing heart-math (without the equipment) and increasing my heart rate variability by choosing my thoughts wisely and deliberately offering prayers of love and well-being to all beings. With my awareness, I am connecting my mind and heart by practicing feelings of gratitude, compassion and love. Science clearly shows that improving our thoughts and experiencing positive emotions not only bolsters our health, but also raises the healing frequency of the planet. To learn more, visit

5. There is so much available to us virtually that can support our well-being. I am excited to take advantage of all the live streaming yoga and dance classes, to global oneness meditations, to learning how to play a new instrument or cook a new, delicious dish. I love having extra time to hone my creativity and find new ways to connect with others.

6. I am making it a priority to stay virtually connected to my community – personally and professionally. Tonight, my family is having a virtual dinner party with close friends! It is such a gift to live in a time where, despite physical distance, we are able to stay so easily connected to one another. Don’t isolate. Reach out and stay relational with your community.

Here is short audio meditation I’ve entitled, Finding Safety. I hope that it serves as a helpful resource and supports in you accessing a sense of safety during this frightening time.

Finding Safety Meditation

And for those of you who would like one-on-one support, we are available for virtual, videoconferencing sessions. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

With Love and Blessings,

Nicole Kahn

“Accept the present moment and find the perfection that is deeper than any form and untouched by time.”

– Eckhart Tolle