A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

Thankful Heart - Mindful Guides Therapy Center

As November is upon us, with winter quickly approaching, we are reminded that it is time to ready ourselves for the season ahead.  For some, this may mean filling our cupboards with heartier foods.  For others, it may be anticipating the winter blues – increased lethargy, mood swings and feelings of scarcity.  Whatever our preparation entails, it is now when we are given a chance to connect to that which is most sacred – our appreciation for life and all that it contains.

This month, seize the opportunity to acknowledge all that you are thankful for.  If you’re stumped, chances are you’re a little disconnected from your own spirit.  Engage in an activity that will re-ignite the union between your mind, body and soul.  Try a yoga class, start a journal, meditate, cook for the fun of it and most importantly, listen to your own needs with a compassionate ear.  Self-care, both physically and emotionally, is a surefire way to connect with the wonderful things life brings us.  And when we connect to all that is special, we ensure ourselves a happy and peaceful heart.

Maintaining happiness and peace require that we continually identify, and express, all that we are thankful for.  It’s important to verbalize these things, either in a journal, to another person, or to a higher power.  Genuine self-expression is the foundation of self-esteem and self-esteem is the cornerstone of a balanced and fulfilled life.  Time and time again, we can remind ourselves that the way to happiness is through gratitude.