Intentionally Moving into 2013

Below are a few questions to spark insight into this past year. This insight will help you better understand what you might need to do differently so that you can manifest a 2013 that is aligned with your intentions. I encourage you to follow ALL the steps, especially the last one.


1. What went well this year? Be descriptive. In what areas did you excel? When did you take risks that got you positive outcomes?

2. What did not go well this year? Give examples. In what areas did you achieve less than desired? Where did you do less than your best?

3. Connect to the emotional experiences you had this past year. What excited you? What surprised you? What disappointed you? What scared you? What made you feel capable and secure?


1. Solidify your theme and purpose for this coming year. What would you like to achieve? Why? What is the driving force behind your goals? How would you like to positively impact the world?

2. Create 3 goals for the following life areas and specifically define anticipated outcomes: Work, Relationships, Health, Leisure

3. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do in order to reach my goals and specified outcomes?” Define the actions needed.

4. Gather with those you love and in an ceremonious fashion, burn your 2012 reflections. Then, light a white or blue candle and read your vision for 2013.