A New Perspective on the “End of the World”

Mindfulness and Meditation

The following article captures the essence of tomorrow’s winter solstice and the changes many of us may have been feeling lately.

“Ascension of the Consciousness of Mankind”, by Peter Shepherd

We are on the crest of great times, perhaps the greatest period in our history is nearly upon us. Ascension, at this time in human history, means moving from a very material, survival-oriented struggle through life, to a new and expanded consciousness where the world will appear as different as night from day. In fact you could simply describe the process as moving from Darkness to Light. Human beings will recover their true potential, and the spiritual dimension of our being will be united with mind, body and feelings. We will be whole and united as One: with each other, nature and God.

We do not need to split, or to destroy our ego. Ego is our personality – our face to the world, as well as our inner thoughts, fears, likes, desires, needs. It’s an essential part of being a human being, our everyday conscious thinking self. Without wanting to do well competitively, to play and win at the games of life, the world would be back in the Stone Age, yet often we’re told how our “selfish ego” is such a barrier to spiritual growth. Well, a selfish ego is a barrier, but personal growth is about transcending the ego, not weakening it – it’s already too weak and afraid, which is why it’s immaturely selfish and hateful.

The ego – our thinking mind – should be embraced and loved, like a child growing up, not rejected as imperfect. The more developed and mature it is, the more transparent it becomes to the spiritual essence that lies behind the personality. The ego then becomes an instrument of Love. The ego is ascended.

Personal growth is about integrating and loving; it is never about separating and destroying. Ascension involves clearing, integrating and transcending all barriers, to be one with God and also with the body-mind, purified by Love – since there is no separation in truth, in Love.

If you’re one with God and God includes everything, then you’re also one with everything, at the highest viewpoint of oneself – the Higher Self. The Higher Self may be better described as our connection with God. It is Self. It is God too… expressing and experiencing through us… it is our all-knowing, all-loving Source of being.

The more we are aware of our connection with God, the less reason the ego has to fear its awful loss of identity at death. This fear underlies all others and releasing it opens a huge pathway for the illumination of Love to lighten the shadows of our personality. The healing of fears is always Love: unconditional acceptance. A beautiful aspect of love is that it never dies. You live on in all that you love; you live on because you ARE Love.

Free at last, one might add. That freedom will demand all of our responsibility and energies, in order to create all that needs to be remade, and to restore the world to peace, justice and abundance for all.