Transformational Power of Support

Resolving Family Conflicts

Asking for and receiving support can be one of the most profound experiences we can have. Living in a culture that promotes individuality, we tend to forget that support is necessary for us to achieve our greatest potential. The first step towards healing is acknowledging our need for, and right to have, support. Ask yourself, “What areas of my life have been the most challenging for me lately?” “Am I pulled in many directions?” “Do I have many different roles?” In today’s world, it’s likely that you’ve taken on more than what is reasonable to feel balanced.

To begin, choose one area of your life that would become easier if you had the support you needed. Imagine what that support might look like. Maybe someone else would do the task at-hand for you, or maybe someone would provide a non-judgmental ear to listen to your story, or maybe you would be given recognition for a job well done. Try not to judge your imagination, just let the image of support fill your mind.

Now, take a few moments, close your eyes, and imagine what it might feel like to have the support you deserve (and we all deserve support). Notice what happens in your body as you imagine receiving this support and care. Really feel this support wash over your body and allow yourself the time needed to take in this experience.

Cultivating a felt sense of this support will help us relate differently to asking for and receiving the care we deserve. By anchoring this supportive image in our body, it remains at the forefront of our consciousness. The more conscious we are about our need for and benefit of receiving support, the more apt we will be to seek it out.

This month, practice imagining, feeling, asking for, and then receiving the support you deserve. Your potential is waiting.